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She has a nice rack, and can actually act. Video lesbian licking. Sex sells; always has, always will. If you're gonna go Latina and Disney, might as well cast Adrienne Bailon then since she is both. She was on Chuck. Megan fox nude gag report. That probably means you can cross out Hayden as well. Cause the first movie he had the glasses and with his grandfather's history with Megatron you at least had a reason for him to be involved. Everyone would have to see the movie.

Such aspirations are well beyond Miss Fox's reach. Is cute AND sexy. 3 milf sex. I'm so over Zoe Saldana at the moment. Fox, concerning Michael Bay. He felt that he "dropped the ball" in TF2 and his integrity demanded that he walk.

Yeah, Bay will definitly replace her ass with someone who is not such a spazz and mentaly-flat person on set. Because Michael Bay is an esteemed, respected filmmaker, amirite?

Bay will go for someone else. His notion of female beauty and hotness is of a illiterate malnurished white trash 12 years old son of a cheap crack addicted whore who suffers from a serious very bad case of oedipus complex. Yes, you shouldn't bad mouth your boss in the press. Talk about a waste of a good thing. Both are still unknown. And is the best thing on There are a million hot women in this town who can actually act and won't be a pain in my ass.

I do hesitate to see Indy4 as I hear it's very very bad and without knowing personally, i can imagine it's not as bad as it's made out to be.

An actress with her skills should be taking all the work she can before her looks dry up. No more Megan Fox?! He lifts his foot up and Megan Fox's crushed, twisted, bloody pulp of a carcass is revealed.

Just stick in Scarlett Johanson sp? This is poetic justice, if she's really as nasty as the crew of Tranformers 2 said she is assuming that letter was actually written by crew members and not faked. We love Olivia Munn Pictures Download naked video!

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Get her now before her asking price goes up. Sakshi dhoni nude pics. I know that Bay is a demanding and yelling Director, but that was for the best in order to get a realistic performance out of the ungrateful brat.

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May 19,8: Show those 34B's off on the big screen. Michael Bay is actually an anagram of "useless waste of a life talentless mother fucking arse wipe mongoloid with a small dick complex Watch NUDE video here: She was the hot Australian computer hacker in the first movie played by Rachael Taylor. But, she chose to have an attitude instead. How do they play this storywise? You are all twits Megan Fox will have a career in movies for as long as that lovely face and world-class booty hold out.

And they'd probably be less annoying than Fox, too. And I think actually looks older than her. Megan fox nude gag report. Without Transformers she'd be just another pretty Hollywood outsider, and yet she has the gall to rip Bay publicly for the very projects that brought her fame and success. How could she be so stupid. She gets out, and gets payed. Girl next door nude. Failing that Jessica Lowndes. Bay gave the bitch chance after chance after chance.

He felt that he "dropped the ball" in TF2 and his integrity demanded that he walk. Was the best thing about that shit storm of a Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Two-dimensional set dressing that spoke occasionally - or the robots - they moved so fucking fast you couldn't see who was hitting who anyway. I went to both Transformer movies to see the Transformers. Lets see those gnarly digits! She obviously thought it was worth it.

We just want robots to bash eachother. A real man tries all makes and models. The step-by-step blueprint with a proven super affiliate battle plan.

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So it'll probably be one of them. This guy has no friends, only people who want to ride his coattails to the bank. I can't say I mourn her passing. Best lesbian domination. Geez, internet, it's just some bimbo in a bad robot movie. Megan fox nude gag report. I dislike Megan Fox as much as And you will LOVE to rant just how crap it was. Nora miao naked Also, it's no secret that Bay's just being a dick because she wasn't afraid to say his movie didn't make sense.

And nothing better to do. I promise you, even if they got rid of Shia and Bay, this film will still make a lot of money. Act like a man Steven--man up, and give Megan her job back!!!! She doesn't seem to say no to any role being offered to her these days, and thus, it is lowering her cash value as she is taking some of the most lousy movies that are out there, like that Chris Rock funeral movie, and "The Losers", and I am a fan of her's saying this.

What a dumb bitch.

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Kajol devgan nude pics She is not a draw.
LESBIAN DOMINATION TUBE And chances are, she will be seen as the victim and she will end up being better seen then Bay. I realize not a lot of people saw it back then, so it's probably even less now.
Norman lindsay nudes Saldana, again, seen too much of her recently. Her acting skills are up to par with his directing, so I think it's a match made in B-movie heaven.
Sexy sexy girl porn You'd think he'd be a bigger man? Bay is underestimating his key demographic which makes up a huge percentage of the Transformers box office.

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